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PMP® and PMBOK® are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute (PMI)                     Below are typical usage scenarios for ZOOM to Project Management (Zoom2PM)
Ted is using ZOOM to Project Management (Zoom2PM) for orienting his new team members so they can speak and understand project management. Ted finds that Zoom2PM is useful because it saves him time in explaining project management terminology and helps improve communication in his projects. He also uses Zoom2PM as a checklist to ensure he does not miss a step unintentionally. Another great thing about using Zoom2PM for Ted is he is able to collect 1 PDU for each hour he spends using the application. Zoom2PM is his quick reference guide and major time saver.
Maria is a team member on one of Ted’s projects. Using ZOOM to Project Management (Zoom2PM) she is able to quickly understand project management terminology; see the “big picture”; see where deliverables fit into the project; and easily discover the interrelationships between the various project deliverables. This thereby helps her improve the timeliness and quality of her deliverables. Zoom2PM is her visual dictionary for project management.
Julie is a new project manager and is preparing for the PMP exam. ZOOM to Project Management (Zoom2PM) allows her to see the big picture and use the “happy path” check list to help her learn the sequence of project management processes and how they fit together. In addition, she is able to review project management terminology anywhere anytime. Julie is a visual person and therefore Zoom2PM not only saves her time reading PMBOK ® but also allows her to remember everything by heart.


David Marcht, Systems Engineer

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