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ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc.

ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc. was created to help all people by showing the big picture to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in aspects of their life using a new paradigm anywhere, anytime. ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc. has developed a new technology and approach so people can learn in a new way by seeing the big picture. We will follow a continuous evolution and improvement practice to ensure that our clients have the most current and complete access to knowledge included in our products. We will provide high quality and timely support to our clients in a variety of means. ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc. will celebrate all our client’s accomplishments.


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Orhan, the co-founder of ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc. was studying to write his PMP® Exam in summer of 2012. As he was reviewing the PMBOK® Guide he kept asking where is the “big picture”? Where is the one picture that shows all the inter-relationships between the Processes in the PMBOK® Guide? So, he drew one. And with encouragement of his wife, he started ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc. and the first product, ZOOM to Project Management to help others. Orhan successfully passed his PMP® Exam in October 2012.



ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc. is committed to creating sustainable products and using sustainable business practices. ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc. defines sustainable as the triple bottom-line, economic, environmental, and social. ZOOMtoLearn™ Inc. recognizes that it is important to balance these 3 areas in the design of our products and the running of our organization.

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